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The very long awaited SD Part 3

Well. Where to begin. It's been such a long time since I posted some fanfic. If you can't remember what happened previously then I advise rereading the first two parts. I've had many different ideas and I even made an OC for one of them but I disliked each one and it is only now that I am happy with the way to move on. This fanfic is now going to be closely linked with my brother's, Pyro. It is set slightly in the past of Pyro's at least for now and I don't quite know how you should read them. I expect you should try and read them together but hopefully they will work on their own. Anyway here is Part 3 of the Science of Darkness.

Octaboona Ambrosius stood over the mutilated body of Kenspeckle Grouse. Just as Kenspeckle’s dying memory was of the last time he saw Octaboona, so Octaboona thought of it now.
“I am now truly alone.”
As Octaboona looked down at the blood stained corpse a question formed on his lips.
“Did you forgive me?”
This thought went around and around in Octaboona’s mind.
“Did you forgive me for the death of our sister?”
And as he turned to leave, he thought about the cause of his siblings’ deaths. Both of them fell at the hands of the Remnants.
“And who created the Remnants?” Octaboona asked himself. But he refused to listen to the answer that emerged from the crevices of his brain. Octaboona hurried from the carnage of the bloody room, twin columns of fire swirled from his hands and licked at the edge of the operating table. Octaboona closed the door on the raging inferno of his brother’s funeral pyre, and the fine white powder; all that remained of Kenspeckle Grouse.


Nyx Dawn strode into the darkened chamber, shadows swirling around her head, reflecting darkness off her jewelled dagger.
“Yes, yes, I’m sure it’s meant to be impressive” a cold harsh voice split the shadows.
Nyx was not intimidated. “I heard you needed an assassin.” she replied coolly. “The best.”
Nyx heard a second voice, just as harsh but female. “We have an assignment for you. If you are in fact capable of it.”
Nyx laughed suavely “Capable? I could kill anything on this planet.” She brushed her black fringe out of her eyes. The golden tips glinted in the dusky room.  “But before we make the deal I want to know two things. Firstly who am I working for?”
A third voice, emotionless and chilling, answered her. “We are the Banished.”
 “And secondly who exactly do you want me to kill?”
The last of the Banished stirred. Her silhouette was monstrous. Nyx took a step back. When she spoke, Her voice was piercing and inhuman, it sent needles of pain through Nyx’s eardrums.
“You must seek out and destroy Octaboona Ambrosius. For he is the last. When he is dead, none shall stop us. When Octaboona Ambrosius is dead, the Banished shall rise!”
Nyx’s eyes widened but she showed no other sign of weakness. “We have a deal”.


Octaboona made his way back to Ireland. Now that he was alone, now that he was the last, he must return to his homeland. He would find his way to Elysium Asylum, that secretive haven for the great and the good. For surely it would be there that he would find what he needed. It would be in Elysium Asylum that he would find his answer.

Israel Elysium sat staring out the window. His double barrel sawn off shotgun rested in his hands as he readjusted his large brown jacket. No one was there, yet when he looked into the future, a tall figure, dressed in purple robes was approaching the doors of the Asylum.
“Who was this stranger?” Israel wondered as he made his way down to the entrance hall. He opened the large oak doors, just as the stranger was about to knock.
“Perfect timing.” he thought to himself.
“Who the hell are you?” Israel demanded of the stranger, “and what are you doing here?”
Israel looked at him closely. "Hang on." he scowled. "I recognize your face..." he trailed off.
 “My name is Octaboona Ambrosius” the purple clad stranger replied. “I am the Paragon of the Horde of Iridescent Indigo, also known as the Purple Poet and I am the last of....”
Octaboona sighed. “Well let’s just say I am the last” he muttered sadly.
Israel looked at him in shock. “But... you can’t be real... not possible... a distant legend...” he stared at Octaboona.
“Prove it to me.”
“Very well”.
Octaboona began to recite:

“A goddess amongst human kind
With skin as pale as snow
Whose eyes of ice stared harshly down
 At all that lay below

Her aura was of lavender
Its shine lit up the night
Kallista hair of silken gold
Outraced the birds in flight”

“That’s so beautiful. And yet utterly tragic” came a voice from behind Israel.
“You remember my name! I wasn't sure if you'd remember me!” Kallista Pendragon exclaimed.
“Well I am the Purple Poet” Octaboona stated simply.
Israel narrowed his eyes.
“I could look into your soul too if you so desire” Octaboona snapped impatiently.
“No. That’s fine” Israel answered briskly.
“So Octaboona, what brings you to my home?”
“I am here to look for a person. Many mages stay here do they not? All with pure hearts I believe?”
“Well I am searching for a protégée. Someone to teach. To ensure the hope. I am the last...” he trailed off.


Octaboona groaned in dismay. Several weeks he had stayed in Elysium Asylum, concealed up in the attic where he would not be disturbed. He had performed many tests on the mages there, much to Israel’s disgust, yet Octaboona was adamant. One of these mages must have the potential, he insisted, despite Israel’s warnings that these mages were his guests and that Octaboona had no right to behave like this.

Yet it appeared that none of them had the right qualities to defeat the Banished; although Kallista had appeared to be the one he was looking for. Kallista had become very close friends with this mysterious poet, and was the only person apart from Israel who he allowed to enter the attic.  
“Yes Kallista?”
Kallista pushed open the door to the attic. She stared around at the piles of books and pieces of parchment, covered with flowing golden ink. As she stepped into the room, Octaboona turned around and sighed.
“You still haven’t found the right mage?” she inquired.
“No. And that’s everyone in this place who I’ve tested.”
“And you still won’t tell us what you’re looking for?”
“I expect not.”
“Well I’m sure that they’re out there somewhere”. Kallista spoke encouragingly. “You just need to keep looking.”
Octaboona stared into her eyes. “I’ve spent 500 years searching for this person. They may not even be born yet” he replied. “But they must be!” he cried. “For they are growing stronger. If they still aren’t born then it is too late!”
Kallista sat down on a stool, moving a large stack of papers onto the floor. “I know what you’re doing. I could feel it when you tested me. You’re looking into our souls aren’t you?”
“Well that’s one way of putting it” Octaboona smiled.
 “Israel still doesn’t trust you” Kallista murmured. “He doesn’t believe you.”
Suddenly there was a commotion from downstairs. Loud yells and thumps echoed up from below.
Octaboona rushed downstairs. A young boy, fearful and pale, was staring around in surprise.
“Where am I?” he cried. “What’s happening to me?”
Octaboona stared deep into his eyes and with a sudden shock of realization, he knew that this boy was the person he had been seeking. A smile broke out across his face.
“You are the one” he whispered.
“The what?” the young boy asked.
As Octaboona stared at him, looked deep into his soul, a spark leapt into the boy’s hair, setting it alight. The boy yelled in shock, but the flames didn’t seem to harm him.
“What’s your name?” Octaboona enquired.
The boy thought for a while.
“My name is Pyro...  Pyro-Dawn”


    WOW oh WOW! This is EPICA!!!!
    Love the entrance of Nyx and Pyro!
    And the scary people too! *hides and says in small voice* make 'em go away. :P
    This is genius writing Octa! THRILLING! MAGNIFICENT!
    I am glad to read more about your fabulous OC. Thank you for posting this. It was a delightful treat for me to read and has made my day.
    Oh! And one more thing.


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    Thankyou heaps for putting Israel in it. So...epic...

    “I could look into your soul too if you so desire” Octaboona snapped impatiently.
    “No. That’s fine” Israel answered briskly.

    Hahaha loved that part xD very good.



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    Of course you may be in it Alex!



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