Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Septimus Zephyr

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I don't have the story yet but I will post my new character OC.

NAME: Septimus Zephyr
AGE: 403 (looks around 20)
HAIR COLOUR: Bright auburn. Long and wavy. Waist length. Hides his face by a waterfall of hair.
EYE COLOUR: Piercing eyes of deepest blue. Humourous and quick moving but with a firm undeniable steel to them.
HEIGHT: 5 ft 11
WEIGHT: 12 stone.
PERSONALITY: Quick witted, laid back, humourous and  a tease.
WEARS:  Flowing purple robes, barefoot, a deep violet shirt. Cloak with silver lining, patterned with golden stars, but without  spectacles.
NATIONALITY AND ACCENT: Irish born and bred. Irish accent. Commanding voice.
HISTORY: Born in Ireland he travelled the world seeking for someone to explain why his magic was what it was. Why had he been given this ability? What was it he kept dreaming of? Why was he different?
FAMILY: Septimus never knew who his family was. He didn't seem to belong anywhere.
POWERS: All will be revealed...
FAVOURITE WEAPON: Septimus' favourite weapon is his powers. However he does enjoy using his terrible singing.
OTHER SKILLS: Well Septimus's singing isn't a skill as such. More sort of a horrible agonizing experience.
FRIENDS: None. Septimus doesn't belong.
ENEMIES: Alvin The Elf
HATES: Well he doesn't like people called Alvin. Or elves. Or infact Alvin The Elf.
LIKES: Singing.
ADDRESS: Currently living somewhen in the 12th century.
JOB: Septimus doesn't belong. He has no job.
NEVER SEEN WITHOUT: A little brown box.
DESCRIPTION: A tall, young man with a gleam in his piercing blue eyes and a rougeish grin on his face.
IN FIVE WORDS: A madman with a box (Thank you Doctor!)

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  1. Brilliant character Octa! I excpect nothing less from you. ;)

    Can't wait to see what's in the brown box. :)