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SD Part 8

Well I do hope you enjoy this. I certainly enjoyed writing it.

Skyril frowned and collapsed exhausted outside the gates of Elysium Asylum. She hoped that someone would find her soon. Then her mind went black and she fell into a deep sleep. It had been a long few days.


Skyril screamed as the air rushed past her head and the deadly pinnacles of rock loomed up to greet her, giant knives of stone, spilt with the blood of those unfortunate enough to fall over the edge. As she was about to be impaled on the jagged rocky spikes she instinctively jammed her twin silver knives into the sides of the pit with a horrendous clash of metal on stone.
“How fortunate” she thought as she held onto the wooden handles, “that this pit has walls of sandstone”.
 With a laboured gasp she wrenched one of the knives out and plunged it into the wall just above her head. Straining with effort she pulled herself up with her arms and plunged the second knife into the stone. Suddenly the sky clouded over and it began to pour with rain, making the wooden handles of the knife extremely slippery and making her journey up the side of the pit just that little bit harder. Skyril groaned and plunged the knife into the wall once more, gradually falling into a steady rhythm of thrusting and pulling as she slowly made her way back to the surface.  It was weary, sweating work, with no food or water to ease her tiredness. Several times she feared that she would lose her grip on the knife and at times she even forgot who she was, so engrossed was she in making her way to the surface. It took Skyril four torturous days before she found herself at the summit of the Pit of Broken Souls and back in the sandy Wastelands of the Southern Cliffs. Another two days passed as Skyril tried to extricate herself from that barren maze of sand and shadows, avoiding the carnivorous beasts and the even more terrifying red wraiths. But eventually Skyril stumbled out of that nightmarish place and found herself once more in the lush green valley’s that were what one more commonly expected of Ireland.  The many towers and balconies of Elysium Asylum could just be made out as a dark smudge in the distance.
“I have to make it.” “I have to get back home”


Octaboona sat down and looked carefully at Quinn. “Skyril isn’t dead?” Quinn shook her head. “But she was pushed into the Pit of Broken Souls. No one can survive that. Nyx murdered her!” Quinn looked up at Octa with those large adorable eyes and related the events that had happened to Skyril since her fall over the edge of the Pit of Broken Souls. “And she’s currently lying unconscious outside the front door even as we speak”. Although Quinnera was only 10, she was an extremely powerful psychic with the additional benefit of knowing everything. The sum total of human knowledge and much more that remained unknown somehow managed to fit inside her head. Many explanations had been given including the will of god, some genetic mutation caused by her peanut allergy and even an allegation that Quinn wasn’t a human girl at all but an evil robot from the future sent by its alien masters to eradicate humanity before they grew into a rival power. But whether she was seen by a priest, a medical student or Skulduggery Pleasant, and a whole horde of assorted doctors, specialists and librarians, none of them were able to offer a suitable explanation. Quinnera’s own belief was that she simply utilised 100% of her brainpower as opposed to the 10% used by mortals and the 20% used by most mages. According to the ten year old girl, most of the human brain was used as storage room for virtual penguins and it was merely a matter of evicting them and sending them to Antarctica, if only you asked them nicely.
Octaboona rushed to the front door but when he reached it, Skyril was no longer outside. Instead there were marks on the ground where she had fallen and tyre tracks leading off into the distance. Someone had taken Skyril Oblivion hostage.


Israel Elysium was feeling extremely uncomfortable. He still wasn’t sure why he was dressed up in a giant green rabbit costume and shuffling through the centre of Dublin. Kallista was dressed as a giant purple rabbit and was trying to persuade Israel that there really was a giant bunny parade taking place that day. However they appeared to be the only two rabbits in sight. Israel flushed as a pair of Japanese tourists pointed at him and whispered to each other excitedly before taking out a camera and taking multiple photographs. Kallista turned around, noticed them and bowed deeply, before performing something that seemed to be a mixture of martial arts and ballet. Then she heaved a sigh of relief as she noticed a giant blue rabbit walking around the corner.
“See! I told you there was a bunny parade!” Kallista rushed over to the blue bunny and said “Wonderful costume! It really goes with your hair!” Israel groaned as he realised that Clarabelle was the third rabbit. The two girls started chattering incessantly to each other in over excited tones. Clarabelle and Kallista didn’t see each other often, on insistence by most of their friends. The two girls were highly insane and trouble inevitably followed when the two of them met. Clarabelle complimented Kallista on her martial arts/ ballet routine and asked her to teach it to her. It was quite a performance, the two of them pirouetting through St. Stephens Green, pausing every now and then to round kick passing pedestrians and on one occasion one of the Gardaí. It was only through sheer luck (and the promise of a bribe of cookies) that the two girls avoided arrest.
“So how is Theodore doing these days?”
“Oh he’s grand. He’s going to grow up to be a lawyer. I just know it. He ate his way through two dissertations and a law exam only last week!”
“But didn’t he want to be a beekeeper?”
“Nope. He’s definitely a lawyer”
 And as the two girls continued to discuss what profession Clarabelle’s pet gerbil was going to have, Israel slowly slipped away into the bustle of Dublin’s streets.
Or at least he tried to, but the costume made that almost impossible.
“Israel!” Clarabelle called out.
“Hello Clarabelle”
“Don’t you normally have a shotgun with you?”
“Umm... well yes normally I do”
“So why don’t you have it with you now?”
“Well it doesn’t really go with the costume...”
“But it’s so iconic!” “I’m sure you’d look lovely as a bunny holding a shotgun, positively adorable!”
“Well...  I think that people might be surprised if I did... and scared. Or else they wouldn’t take me seriously.”
“No? Bunny rabbits are very frightening and majestic creatures. How couldn’t they be taken seriously? They are kings of the animal world!”
“I think you mean lions.”
“Do I?”
“Are lions the one with the mane and teeth?”
“And rabbits have the long ears and fluffy tail?”
“That’s right”
“Then I suppose you would look rather silly with the shotgun.”
“Thank you”
“But it doesn’t really go with your jacket.”
“Excuse me?”
“The shotgun. And the jacket. They look awful together.”
“I think they make a very good combination”
“Nope. You need to keep up with the latest fashions! Leather jackets are so last year. Although I do like your eyebrows. They’re very in. I think. She tried to look up at her forehead. I should definitely re-grow mine.”
And before Israel could even speak she waltzed off directly into a lamppost.


Skyril woke up with a throbbing pain in her head. “Where am I?” she groaned. A pulsing green light permeated itself through her brain. A blurry figure could barely be seen through the bright lime haze. “Who are you?”
The figure’s voice was distorted as if coming from a long distance.
“Why my name is Kenny. Kenny Lakinson”

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

SD 7

Here you are! New part!

March looked inquisitively at Octaboona as she waited for him to speak. Necros and Pyro sat on either side. All of them were staring at Octaboona. Eventually he spoke. “To start with your last question I need to give you a little history. You know that The Eight Great Immortal or TEGI as we were known were set up to guard humanity. Originally there were eight of us. The Last of the Ancients was our founder of course. Then we had the Lost Twin, Septimus Zephyr and I.” Suddenly Octaboona’s voice turned bitter. “Then we had Lacuna Dawn, Aggoroth Shandular, Nero Midnight and the person now known as The Nightmare Child.  Of course she was embarrassed of her actual name Meliphagous Mandible. And who wouldn’t be? I’m sure that’s a large part in her psychiatric troubles. But I’m distracting myself. Anyway the eight of us were like guardian angels, protecting humanity from magical threats. But then the schism occurred. The last four grew bitter, they had so much power and they could use none of it for themselves. So they left us and formed another group. The Banished. I suppose that we actually threw them out for abusing their power so the name is apt. Anyway the Banished swore to eradicate TEGI from the face of the earth. We didn’t know that at the time so we recruited another four members to replace them.”
Octaboona’s voice dropped to a whisper. “Noble Elysium, Harmonious Barkwater, Cassandra Delphinius and... Octaboona could barely be heard... my little sister, Elocin Noil.”
“By the time that I worked out who had been behind the killings it was too late. Elocin had already been murdered.” His voice was thick with tears. Of course I immediately told my brother, Kenspeckle Grouse. He was furious with me. When he built that Desolation Engine, I knew the Banished had orchestrated this. They would have found it amusing to watch my brother murder me. He failed and eventually they killed him off too. But he always blamed me for Elocin’s death. I hope that he absolved me from my sins. I would have liked that.
And so I became the last Immortal. That’s why we disappeared. The Banished murdered us and I could do little on my own.”
He paused for breath.
“But what about me?” March asked. “Why did you get Necros to be my guardian?”
Octaboona sighed. “Because you are the direct descendent of Cassandra Delphinius and I wanted to keep an eye on you.
March’s eyes gleamed. “But doesn’t that mean that I could become another Immortal?”     
Octaboona’s eyes flashed. “No March. No more Immortal. I lost my brother and sister because of my arrogance in forcing them to join up. And Skyril died because of them also.  I won’t have any more lives on my conscience.”
March pouted and pointed at Pyro. “You let him become an Immortal. This is so not fair.”
“I know that Pyro is capable of this. At least I hope so. And I cannot go up against the Banished on my own. I need a second. And no others.” He fell silent. “No more lives” he muttered again to himself.
Necros spoke up. “But I thought that Elocin and Kenspeckle died from remnant attacks.”
Octaboona looked up blankly. “The Banished control the Remnants. I created them but they have control now.”
Pyro looked up. “You created the... what? How?”
“They were a side result of my failed Passage. The Banished sabotaged it. That’s why I threw them out.” “But I should have expected them to act against me. I should have known”
He slumped. “I’ve told you enough. Leave me.”
As the three of them left the room they could hear the soft mutter. “No more lives.”


The Banished were gathered together for an emergency meeting. Octaboona had managed to reveal to others the their origins. The Nightmare Child was seething with barely controlled anger. “Nyx Dawn has failed us. She will be terminated.” The others glanced round at Her. “Agreed.”
“I should never have trusted her. I will deal with Octaboona myself” 


Nyx Dawn was currently staking out a cottage that belonged to Octaboona. She had discovered the history of March Pathway and had tailed her to the cottage. She knew she mustn’t disappoint her masters again. She sighed and watched as three people exited the cottage. And then the tiny bomb that had been implanted into her stomach exploded, leaving a fine rain of blood and shards of bone to splatter against the cottage walls and three suddenly disturbed people who ran back into the cottage.
Octaboona stared at the messy remains of Nyx Dawn. Her jewelled dagger lay fallen on the ground. “Another life gone” he murmured sadly. “The Banished must be onto us.”


Octaboona watched as a lone figure arrived at his cottage door. “Kallista!” he smiled warmly. “I need you to do me a huge favour”
Kallista cocked her head.
“Will it be fun?”
“Oh immensely”
“What do I need to do?”
Octaboona’s face turned serious.
“Sneak me into Elysium Asylum under Israel’s nose in order so I can talk to Quinnera Elviana”
“Are you kidding me?”
“I have faith in your talents”
“And I have faith in you. Israel hates you, you realise that? And he may have good reason”
“That’s what makes me interesting, trust me”
“I do”


Israel Elysium muttered under his breath and went to check on Quinn. She had been living at the Asylum almost since birth and was its best kept secret. She had been two when she had first arrived on that windy day eight years ago. Her parents died in a car crash and Israel had taken her in. She was the closest thing he had to a daughter. She had even escaped all the tests that Ambrosius had performed on his guests. As evil as Ambrosius was his tests had seemed to have no lasting damage and for that Israel was grateful. He knew that Octaboona would learn about her eventually and there was no way in hell that he would let him lay his hands on her.

Quinn looked up at him with those adorable eyes and implored Israel for a lollipop. Israel smiled at her and passed her a strawberry one. Her favourite. Quinn grinned and wondered how long it would be until Octaboona arrived. She had a surprise for him.

Meanwhile Kallista and Octaboona were watching the outside of Elysium Asylum. Kallista had already given Octaboona directions to Quinn’s room and was giggling as she told him of her plan to distract Israel. Octaboona sagged as the words entered his brain and he comprehended what she was about to do. “If you must” he grumbled.
“But it’ll be fun!” Kallista beamed.
Octaboona sighed unhappily.

Israel looked bewildered as he stared at the peculiar sight that greeted his eyes. Two giant bunny rabbits were knocking at the door. He rubbed his eyes and wondered if his vision was playing up but no. He opened the door and was immediately engulfed by a babble of chatter. “We’re going to a giant bunny costume parade in Dublin and we would just LOVE it if you would come with us!” Kallista chattered.
“Kal what on earth? Why?”
“For fun” she insisted, holding out a costume and mask for Israel.
He sighed and pointed at the other bunny, face hidden behind a mask.
“Who’s that?”  
“It’s the pink rabbit of course!”
“The pink rabbit isn’t real Kal.”
“Of course he is. Just like Santa and the tooth fairy!”
“Umm... they’re not real either”
“Of course they are! Quinn believes in them too!”
“Quinn’s 10”
“But still. Come on, we’ll be late!”
“Israel stumbled confused out of the door”
“Isn’t he coming with us?”
“No he’s here to amuse Quinn. You know how bored she’s been”
“Is he safe?”
“He’s a giant pink rabbit, of course he’s safe!”
“Well I suppose”
“Plus Quinn can look after herself. Trust me”
Israel mumbled.
“Come on! We’re late! We’re late! For a very important date!”
And thus skipping and singing, Kallista dragged Israel out to the bunny parade.

Quinn was rolling on the floor, crying tears of hysterical laughter as Octaboona entered the room. “You are funny” she pointed at the giant pink rabbit who glared at her crossly. “I watched it all on CCTV” He pulled of the mask and frowned.
“Cheer up. You’re an adorable bunny!”
“Yes? Can I call you Octa? I can?”
She smiled.
“I like you Octa. You make me laugh”
She turned her big adorable eyes on him.
“Do you have any lollipops? Pwease?”
 Octa handed her a strawberry lollipop.
“Oooh my favourite!”
She started sucking happily on the lollipop.
“I came here to ask you a question”
“I know”
“Well will you answer me?”
“Hmm.... it depends”
“On what?”
“On whether you can hop around the room of course.”
“Do I really have to?”
“Well of course! You’re a bunny! Hop! Pwease?”
Octaboona sighed and started hopping around the room.
“I’m never relying on Kallista for another favour ever again.”
Quinn smiled.
And then before Octaboona could ask his question she whispered conspiratorially:
“Skyril Oblivion is still alive!”

Thursday, 14 July 2011

SD Part 6

The Banished scowled as Nyx Dawn reported that Octaboona and Pyro Dawn were still alive. “You have failed us.”
“No wait... I have good news” Nyx stammered, “Skyril Oblivion is dead.”
“It is irrelevant. She matters not. Only the two Great Immortals are of any consequence.” Nyx avoided looking at Her eyes, only madness and rage could be seen in those ghastly orbs.
“This is your final chance. Unless you kill them then you are no longer... necessary.” She smirked.
“Now go!”


Israel Elysium was shocked. “Skyril... dead?” he whispered. His voice was horse and gaunt. Tears formed in the corners of his eyes but he angrily brushed them away as he turned towards Octaboona. “This is all your fault!” he screamed. “If it wasn’t for you and your meddling none of this would have happened.” He stood up straight, brown leather jacket gleaming in the light of the setting sun, casting his grief stricken face into shadows. “Leave this place Ambrosius. Take the boy with you and never return to my home. I’ll have nothing to do with you, Great Immortal. I’ve done my research. I know what you are now. I’ll not let this evilness besmirch Elysium Asylum any longer!” Israel reached for his shotgun and aimed it at Octaboona. “NOW GET OUT!”


Kallista approached Israel carefully. “Why did you send Octa and Pyro away? It’s not their fault that Skyril died. It was Nyx.” Israel snorted. “That’s what he wants you to believe. But he’s in league with her, and with the Banished. He’s just the same as they are.” Tears rolled down Kallista’s face. “Don’t say that. It’s not true. The Banished are evil, Octa is not. He’s my friend! I know he’s good.”
“Do you know what the Banished used to be called before they took on that persona? I found it out. They were known as The Eight Great Immortals. Octaboona was one of them. I know he was. The last time we met he told me he was the last. Well now I know what he’s the last of. Or pretends to be the last of. He’s an Immortal. He’s on the same side as The Banished. He’s just as evil as they are. Worse even. He destroyed the town of Baia... there are stories of him fleeing from the scene for no apparent reason. He tricks people into liking him and then he betrays them. Just like he betrayed Skyril.  Just like he will betray you.”
Kallista’s face was full of confusion and doubt. “But I know him. He’d never side with them. You’re lying to me! It can’t be true!”
But the seeds of doubt had been planted as Kallista ran sobbing from the room.


March yawned. When was Octaboona going to get home? She’d been sitting by the door for ages but there was no sign of him. Necros had appeared a short while ago, and he seemed glad that she appeared to be staying in one place for once. To pass the time she told herself The Tale of the Eight Great Immortals again.
“Once upon a time” she murmured sleepily “the world was dark and barren. Ruled over by sadistic terrible gods, the Faceless Ones, humanity was tortured and enslaved for their amusements. Yet the Ancients banished them to another universe and eventually wiped themselves out.” Or so most of the world believed. Yet  March’s family knew more. The Ancients had set up a group of guardians to protect the world from further harm. The Eight Great Immortals as they were known. For many centuries, this group was a shining beacon, defending humanity from various threats and monstrous beings. Yet for some reason The Eight Great Immortals suddenly vanished and were gradually forgotten about. Soon after their disappearance, the world was plagued by the first of a new threat, the Remnants. Gradually other races grew strong again, such as the vampires. Entire towns mysteriously vanished, the most famous of which was the destruction of Baia. And for the last hundred years there had been rumours of a new evil, the Banished. This tale had been passed down March’s family for generations, the only ones still to remember The Eight Great Immortals. March had always wondered why they had disappeared, what had happened to the wonderful guardians of humanity and now here she was, sitting outside the home of the very last one.
March transformed into a sleek silver cat and curled up on the doorstep. “I hope he gets home soon” she thought before falling asleep.

Pyro Dawn frowned. Octaboona seemed to be rather more menacing than usual. Or was that just due to Israel throwing them out of the Asylum? Not that they visited it much anymore, Israel had always been wary about Octaboona staying there. Pyro stared into Octaboona’s eyes. Was that a flicker of rage in them or was it just a reflection of the sunset? Pyro suddenly felt worried for the first time in Octaboona’s presence. Why had Octaboona taken him in? Why was he training him in magic? Did he have a dark ulterior motive? Who exactly was Octaboona anyway? More to the point, what was he? Yet no answers came to mind, and Pyro realised that he knew barely more about his mentor than he had since the day they met.

 Octaboona looked around to see a small silver cat asleep on his doorstep and a tall handsome man with weary eyes standing next to her. “Necros, March, greetings. And to what do I owe this unexpected arrival?” The cat blinked and transformed back into a young girl. “You know who we are?”
“Why of course. It was I who asked Necros to guard you in the first place.” Necros muttered. “You owe me Octaboona. It’s been a nightmare trying to keep up with her.”
“I did mention it at the time. I wouldn’t expect it to be otherwise. Not when you consider who she’s descended from.”
March blinked. “Wait a minute. Who am I descended from? Why did you ask Necros to guard me? Why does it matter to you? And why have you been missing so long? What happened to the Eight Great Immortals?”
Octaboona raised his hand and March fell quiet. “Come inside and I’ll answer your questions. You too Pyro. I suppose it’s time you found out who I am, who you will be. It’s time for me to tell you everything”


Meanwhile, in the Pit of Broken Souls, there was the sound of metal clashing against rock, a high pitched scream and then silence.

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SD 5

Yay. Another part of my fanfic!

Necros opened his eyes, looked around, sighed, and then closed his eyes again.
“Why her?” he muttered wearily. “Of all the people, why did I have to get her?” Necros ran his hands through his hair, and wearily began looking for his charge. “March!” he shouted. “March Pathway!” There was no reply, except for the chattering laugh of a chipmunk, scampering around in a nearby tree. Necros looked up and scowled. He glared at the chipmunk. “Come down this instant March.” The chipmunk looked at Necros cheekily, and then jumped off a narrow branch. A young girl landed lightly on the dewy grass, still chuckling, as she wiped a strand of crimson hair out of her sparkling blue eyes.
“What?” she enquired gleefully. “Have I upset you or something?” She tilted her head to one side. “I didn’t vanish really. I was right above your head all along!” March chuckled again. “Some guardian you are.”

Necros scowled and slumped against the trunk of the tree, too exhausted to come up with a retort. Out of all his many charges, Necros reflected, March was the worst. She never stood still, always vanishing, or talking incessantly. And when she actually got into danger, like all his charges were apt to do, she didn’t even have the courtesy to let him deal with the assassin or vampire or whatever it was, having singlehandedly defeated them, before Necros could catch up. But at least she seemed to irritate or terrify them as much as she infuriated him, Necros thought. He often wondered why he remained March’s guardian at all. Because I wouldn’t want to have her as an enemy, he realised. And the pay is good. Necros looked around and groaned miserably. March had disappeared again.


Skyril Oblivion smiled and looked out of the window of her room in Elysium Asylum. A beautiful tempest raged outside, the torrential rain beating against the window in a pleasant rhythm, as the wind howled and the world was little up with dazzling lightning.
“Beautiful weather” Skyril murmured. Her green eyes flashed as a sudden knock on the door interrupted her stormy daydreams but it was only Kallista.
“I just got a message from Octa. Pyro is in trouble. We need to go after him.”
“But I barely know him! What do you need me for?”
“Well you’re the only one crazy enough to go on a rescue mission in this weather” Kallista grinned.
“Crazy? Moi? I’ll have you know that this is excellent weather to be out on a rescue mission”
“Like I said crazy”
Skyril jumped up. “Let’s go”
“He’s at the Wastelands of the Southern Cliffs”
“But isn’t that the place with the Pit of Broken Souls?”
Kallista nodded.
“Why is he there in the first place?”
“Apparently he decided to hunt down Nyx Dawn”
“And you call me the crazy one” Skyril muttered.

Pyro Dawn gasped as he looked around for Nyx Dawn. The Pit of Broken Souls loomed on either side, the jagged rocks gleaming menacingly in the rain. Nyx Dawn had vanished into the inky darkness and Pyro knew that she was waiting to strike. He gulped nervously and wished that he hadn’t come here alone. His plan had seemed so simple at first, Octaboona wouldn’t tell him anything, claiming that he wasn’t ready to know, and he needed to more training. Yet Pyro was impatient at the best of times and he wanted answers. So he decided to get them from the one other person who might have the knowledge he needed. Nyx Dawn. So whilst Octaboona was engrossed in the history of ‘The Empire of Quetzal Acratoon’ which Octaboona said was about the Ziggurat cities of Nuevo Maya, Pyro had slipped away and gone to the Wastelands of the Southern Cliffs, which according to Octaboona, Nyx Dawn often frequented. Now that he was here however, he realised that his quest was futile, and that Nyx Dawn was most likely going to kill him.

A silver knife whistled past his head and Pyro jumped. Yet it wasn’t Nyx who had thrown it. He sighed with relief as he spotted Kallista, Octaboona and the stranger who had thrown the silver knife. Yet before he could ask her, who she was and why she had thrown the knife, Nyx Dawn snarled as she leapt out of the shadows.


Meanwhile March Pathway laughed and clapped her hands together. She had finally tracked down the current dwelling place of Octaboona Ambrosius. She briefly wondered where Necros had got to then dismissed the thought as she approached the location. March had always been fond of the Tale of The Eight Great Immortals, which had been passed down her family for generations. And now she discovered that the story was true and the last of the Great Immortals was actually alive. March knocked on the door but no reply came. So March turned into a cat and curled up on the door step waiting for Octaboona to come home.


Octaboona waved a hand and Nyx Dawn went flying. “Why does the boy have to be so curious?” he grumbled to himself. “This is not how I planned to spend my afternoon, chasing down an assassin”. Kallista and Skyril stood by his side as Pyro scrambled towards them. Skyril threw another silver knife at Nyx, but she twisted aside at the last moment and then sent a whirling shadow towards Octaboona, who ducked and then deflected the shadow back at Nyx. Skyril concentrated and held her palm out towards Nyx’s eyes. A sudden flash appeared around her hands and two glowing orbs flew from Nyx’s face and into Skyril’s outstretched palms. Nyx cursed as her sight left her, blind she stumbled away moaning.
Kallista ran forward, yet Nyx had disappeared into the shadows. Skyril dropped her hands and the orbs flew into the distance. Although this gave Nyx back her sight it also allowed her to pinpoint Nyx’s location. Pyro aimed at the orbs and unleashed two twin torrents of flame. Octaboona muttered again. “Home. Now.”  Yet as the four of them turned to leave, Nyx Dawn crept out from behind a blackened pillar, shook the soot from her hair and pushed at the shadows, then vanished as the shadows enveloped her. Caught unaware Skyril screamed as the shadows buffeted her and pushed her off the edge of the Pit of Broken Souls, as she fell towards the jagged rocks, many feet below.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

SD Part 4

Well I've written the next part. I just love the Banished. Brilliant villains. So much fun to write. I will hopefully be introducing some more of you in Part 5 *looks over at Alex and Skyril* and hopefully we'll see a bit more of Kallista and Israel as well.

In a dark and shadowy chamber the Banished were gathered together waiting for Nyx Dawn to report. A piercing inhuman voice shrieked with rage. Her voice rose to a cacophonous frenzy of blood lust and fury, blotting out the squeals and cries of the ill fated messenger. His tortured screams, exceedingly shrill and drawn out were drowned by the roar of the Banished’s leader, as She thought of the terrible news that the messenger had brought. Her face was twisted in paroxysms of seething wrath as She continued to feast. Gradually the horrific sounds emanating from the messenger ceased, leaving only the vile noises of crunching, swallowing and the chewing of flesh and gristle. Eventually these sounds also ceased, leaving unadulterated silence. As blood dripped from Her jaws She stared around at the other three, who sat there quiet and impassive, waiting for Her to speak. But She just seethed, and the redness slowly drained from Her eyes. Then She turned around and the Banished continued to wait for the report of Nyx Dawn.


  Meanwhile, Nyx Dawn herself cursed and wiped her long black hair out of her eyes. She was due to report to her masters in five minutes and they did not like to be kept waiting. She remembered the threat for anything that was less than perfect and she had absolutely no desire to be devoured. Yet a complication had arisen, one that she knew would make her masters completely livid and was wandering how to tell them whilst keeping her life. As she looked over the acres of land that surrounded the giant manor known only as Elysium Asylum, she hoped that this would be the last time, never again did she wish to try and break into such a haven, it was currently beyond her power. But at last her target had left the building, hopefully to somewhere more accessible. Yet here was the complication. He was not alone. Her masters had assured her that he would come here in vain, that he would not find the person he was looking for. However it appeared that he had succeeded for he had left with a young boy with flaming hair. Literally. His hair was constantly on fire.  And now she had to make a report to her masters informing them that Octaboona Ambrosius was no longer the last.

Nyx took out her mobile and called the Banished. Thankfully it was not She who answered but the other female.
“I am here to make my report” Nyx stated briskly. “Octaboona Ambrosius has left Elysium Asylum at last. Although there is one small complication....”
“We know of it.” the cold harsh voice snapped. “The messenger who told us has met an unfortunate...demise. Be thankful that we know or your fate would be most...unpleasant.”
Nyx shuddered. “Take out the boy first. Then return to your original assignment.” The phone went dead.
As the sun set in a glow of crimson and amber, the light glinted off the jewelled dagger in Nyx’s hand and off the blackness of her eyes. A dreadful calmness could be seen in them as a tendril of shadow snaked its way around the dagger’s gleaming blade.
“I am coming.”


Pyro-Dawn tried pushing at the air. The feather didn’t move. Pyro-Dawn screwed up his face and tried again. The feather remained resolutely still. Pyro willed the feather to move with every iota of his being. He pushed at the air again. The feather didn’t even twitch. Pyro glared at it, pointed a finger at it and a torrent of fire gushed from his fingertip, incinerating the feather and reducing it to less than ash.
“Ha. Take that you lousy feather!” Pyro muttered.
Octaboona looked up and sighed. He waved his hand and gathered the individual atoms that made up the feather from the air and reassembled them. The feather reappeared in front of Pyro, who made a face, then Octaboona flicked his finger and the feather went flying up into the air.
“Now try again. And please try and refrain from burning it. It got boring after the first twelve times.”
Pyro glared daggers at the feather and tried pushing at the feather again. To his surprise, it moved slightly.
“Well done.” Octaboona looked at Pyro. “You have managed to show some control over an element other than fire. Yes you have a particular affinity for fire but you need to have absolute control over the other three elements. You have the ability. I saw it in you.”
He lowered his voice. “You are the one.”
Pyro rolled his eyes and the fire in his hair flashed a little more brightly. “The one what?” he asked impatiently. “You keep on saying I am the one and that you are no longer the last, we all have the Force, the Death star will destroy us all, yada, yada, yada. But why are you so vague?” he cried. “Can’t you be a bit more specific? You are the last what exactly? I am the one to do what? And who are these Banished people anyway?”
Octaboona’s eyes flashed with a steely glint and Pyro fell silent.
“All in good time Pyro-Dawn. When you are ready to know I will tell you.”
Pyro sighed and incinerated the feather once again.

The Banished opened their eyes and gasped.
“It’s true.” the first voice said. “Octaboona Ambrosius is no longer the last Great Immortal. He turned to look at Her. “He has found a second.”
A second voice issued from the darkness. “It is of even more importance that Nyx Dawn kills the boy, before he learns too much.” His voice went deep and raspy as She took control of his mind.  “He must die before he finds out who we are!”

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The very long awaited SD Part 3

Well. Where to begin. It's been such a long time since I posted some fanfic. If you can't remember what happened previously then I advise rereading the first two parts. I've had many different ideas and I even made an OC for one of them but I disliked each one and it is only now that I am happy with the way to move on. This fanfic is now going to be closely linked with my brother's, Pyro. It is set slightly in the past of Pyro's at least for now and I don't quite know how you should read them. I expect you should try and read them together but hopefully they will work on their own. Anyway here is Part 3 of the Science of Darkness.

Octaboona Ambrosius stood over the mutilated body of Kenspeckle Grouse. Just as Kenspeckle’s dying memory was of the last time he saw Octaboona, so Octaboona thought of it now.
“I am now truly alone.”
As Octaboona looked down at the blood stained corpse a question formed on his lips.
“Did you forgive me?”
This thought went around and around in Octaboona’s mind.
“Did you forgive me for the death of our sister?”
And as he turned to leave, he thought about the cause of his siblings’ deaths. Both of them fell at the hands of the Remnants.
“And who created the Remnants?” Octaboona asked himself. But he refused to listen to the answer that emerged from the crevices of his brain. Octaboona hurried from the carnage of the bloody room, twin columns of fire swirled from his hands and licked at the edge of the operating table. Octaboona closed the door on the raging inferno of his brother’s funeral pyre, and the fine white powder; all that remained of Kenspeckle Grouse.


Nyx Dawn strode into the darkened chamber, shadows swirling around her head, reflecting darkness off her jewelled dagger.
“Yes, yes, I’m sure it’s meant to be impressive” a cold harsh voice split the shadows.
Nyx was not intimidated. “I heard you needed an assassin.” she replied coolly. “The best.”
Nyx heard a second voice, just as harsh but female. “We have an assignment for you. If you are in fact capable of it.”
Nyx laughed suavely “Capable? I could kill anything on this planet.” She brushed her black fringe out of her eyes. The golden tips glinted in the dusky room.  “But before we make the deal I want to know two things. Firstly who am I working for?”
A third voice, emotionless and chilling, answered her. “We are the Banished.”
 “And secondly who exactly do you want me to kill?”
The last of the Banished stirred. Her silhouette was monstrous. Nyx took a step back. When she spoke, Her voice was piercing and inhuman, it sent needles of pain through Nyx’s eardrums.
“You must seek out and destroy Octaboona Ambrosius. For he is the last. When he is dead, none shall stop us. When Octaboona Ambrosius is dead, the Banished shall rise!”
Nyx’s eyes widened but she showed no other sign of weakness. “We have a deal”.


Octaboona made his way back to Ireland. Now that he was alone, now that he was the last, he must return to his homeland. He would find his way to Elysium Asylum, that secretive haven for the great and the good. For surely it would be there that he would find what he needed. It would be in Elysium Asylum that he would find his answer.

Israel Elysium sat staring out the window. His double barrel sawn off shotgun rested in his hands as he readjusted his large brown jacket. No one was there, yet when he looked into the future, a tall figure, dressed in purple robes was approaching the doors of the Asylum.
“Who was this stranger?” Israel wondered as he made his way down to the entrance hall. He opened the large oak doors, just as the stranger was about to knock.
“Perfect timing.” he thought to himself.
“Who the hell are you?” Israel demanded of the stranger, “and what are you doing here?”
Israel looked at him closely. "Hang on." he scowled. "I recognize your face..." he trailed off.
 “My name is Octaboona Ambrosius” the purple clad stranger replied. “I am the Paragon of the Horde of Iridescent Indigo, also known as the Purple Poet and I am the last of....”
Octaboona sighed. “Well let’s just say I am the last” he muttered sadly.
Israel looked at him in shock. “But... you can’t be real... not possible... a distant legend...” he stared at Octaboona.
“Prove it to me.”
“Very well”.
Octaboona began to recite:

“A goddess amongst human kind
With skin as pale as snow
Whose eyes of ice stared harshly down
 At all that lay below

Her aura was of lavender
Its shine lit up the night
Kallista hair of silken gold
Outraced the birds in flight”

“That’s so beautiful. And yet utterly tragic” came a voice from behind Israel.
“You remember my name! I wasn't sure if you'd remember me!” Kallista Pendragon exclaimed.
“Well I am the Purple Poet” Octaboona stated simply.
Israel narrowed his eyes.
“I could look into your soul too if you so desire” Octaboona snapped impatiently.
“No. That’s fine” Israel answered briskly.
“So Octaboona, what brings you to my home?”
“I am here to look for a person. Many mages stay here do they not? All with pure hearts I believe?”
“Well I am searching for a protégée. Someone to teach. To ensure the hope. I am the last...” he trailed off.


Octaboona groaned in dismay. Several weeks he had stayed in Elysium Asylum, concealed up in the attic where he would not be disturbed. He had performed many tests on the mages there, much to Israel’s disgust, yet Octaboona was adamant. One of these mages must have the potential, he insisted, despite Israel’s warnings that these mages were his guests and that Octaboona had no right to behave like this.

Yet it appeared that none of them had the right qualities to defeat the Banished; although Kallista had appeared to be the one he was looking for. Kallista had become very close friends with this mysterious poet, and was the only person apart from Israel who he allowed to enter the attic.  
“Yes Kallista?”
Kallista pushed open the door to the attic. She stared around at the piles of books and pieces of parchment, covered with flowing golden ink. As she stepped into the room, Octaboona turned around and sighed.
“You still haven’t found the right mage?” she inquired.
“No. And that’s everyone in this place who I’ve tested.”
“And you still won’t tell us what you’re looking for?”
“I expect not.”
“Well I’m sure that they’re out there somewhere”. Kallista spoke encouragingly. “You just need to keep looking.”
Octaboona stared into her eyes. “I’ve spent 500 years searching for this person. They may not even be born yet” he replied. “But they must be!” he cried. “For they are growing stronger. If they still aren’t born then it is too late!”
Kallista sat down on a stool, moving a large stack of papers onto the floor. “I know what you’re doing. I could feel it when you tested me. You’re looking into our souls aren’t you?”
“Well that’s one way of putting it” Octaboona smiled.
 “Israel still doesn’t trust you” Kallista murmured. “He doesn’t believe you.”
Suddenly there was a commotion from downstairs. Loud yells and thumps echoed up from below.
Octaboona rushed downstairs. A young boy, fearful and pale, was staring around in surprise.
“Where am I?” he cried. “What’s happening to me?”
Octaboona stared deep into his eyes and with a sudden shock of realization, he knew that this boy was the person he had been seeking. A smile broke out across his face.
“You are the one” he whispered.
“The what?” the young boy asked.
As Octaboona stared at him, looked deep into his soul, a spark leapt into the boy’s hair, setting it alight. The boy yelled in shock, but the flames didn’t seem to harm him.
“What’s your name?” Octaboona enquired.
The boy thought for a while.
“My name is Pyro...  Pyro-Dawn”

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Septimus Zephyr

Well you reached 1000 views!!!

Well done.

I don't have the story yet but I will post my new character OC.

NAME: Septimus Zephyr
AGE: 403 (looks around 20)
HAIR COLOUR: Bright auburn. Long and wavy. Waist length. Hides his face by a waterfall of hair.
EYE COLOUR: Piercing eyes of deepest blue. Humourous and quick moving but with a firm undeniable steel to them.
HEIGHT: 5 ft 11
WEIGHT: 12 stone.
PERSONALITY: Quick witted, laid back, humourous and  a tease.
WEARS:  Flowing purple robes, barefoot, a deep violet shirt. Cloak with silver lining, patterned with golden stars, but without  spectacles.
NATIONALITY AND ACCENT: Irish born and bred. Irish accent. Commanding voice.
HISTORY: Born in Ireland he travelled the world seeking for someone to explain why his magic was what it was. Why had he been given this ability? What was it he kept dreaming of? Why was he different?
FAMILY: Septimus never knew who his family was. He didn't seem to belong anywhere.
POWERS: All will be revealed...
FAVOURITE WEAPON: Septimus' favourite weapon is his powers. However he does enjoy using his terrible singing.
OTHER SKILLS: Well Septimus's singing isn't a skill as such. More sort of a horrible agonizing experience.
FRIENDS: None. Septimus doesn't belong.
ENEMIES: Alvin The Elf
HATES: Well he doesn't like people called Alvin. Or elves. Or infact Alvin The Elf.
LIKES: Singing.
ADDRESS: Currently living somewhen in the 12th century.
JOB: Septimus doesn't belong. He has no job.
NEVER SEEN WITHOUT: A little brown box.
DESCRIPTION: A tall, young man with a gleam in his piercing blue eyes and a rougeish grin on his face.
IN FIVE WORDS: A madman with a box (Thank you Doctor!)

Monday, 2 May 2011


Just writing to say that if I get 1000 views that I'll write a third part to my fanfic probably in June.

So get refreshing :D

And I'll also be introducing a new character....

If we get to 1000 views.