Wednesday, 31 August 2011

SD 7

Here you are! New part!

March looked inquisitively at Octaboona as she waited for him to speak. Necros and Pyro sat on either side. All of them were staring at Octaboona. Eventually he spoke. “To start with your last question I need to give you a little history. You know that The Eight Great Immortal or TEGI as we were known were set up to guard humanity. Originally there were eight of us. The Last of the Ancients was our founder of course. Then we had the Lost Twin, Septimus Zephyr and I.” Suddenly Octaboona’s voice turned bitter. “Then we had Lacuna Dawn, Aggoroth Shandular, Nero Midnight and the person now known as The Nightmare Child.  Of course she was embarrassed of her actual name Meliphagous Mandible. And who wouldn’t be? I’m sure that’s a large part in her psychiatric troubles. But I’m distracting myself. Anyway the eight of us were like guardian angels, protecting humanity from magical threats. But then the schism occurred. The last four grew bitter, they had so much power and they could use none of it for themselves. So they left us and formed another group. The Banished. I suppose that we actually threw them out for abusing their power so the name is apt. Anyway the Banished swore to eradicate TEGI from the face of the earth. We didn’t know that at the time so we recruited another four members to replace them.”
Octaboona’s voice dropped to a whisper. “Noble Elysium, Harmonious Barkwater, Cassandra Delphinius and... Octaboona could barely be heard... my little sister, Elocin Noil.”
“By the time that I worked out who had been behind the killings it was too late. Elocin had already been murdered.” His voice was thick with tears. Of course I immediately told my brother, Kenspeckle Grouse. He was furious with me. When he built that Desolation Engine, I knew the Banished had orchestrated this. They would have found it amusing to watch my brother murder me. He failed and eventually they killed him off too. But he always blamed me for Elocin’s death. I hope that he absolved me from my sins. I would have liked that.
And so I became the last Immortal. That’s why we disappeared. The Banished murdered us and I could do little on my own.”
He paused for breath.
“But what about me?” March asked. “Why did you get Necros to be my guardian?”
Octaboona sighed. “Because you are the direct descendent of Cassandra Delphinius and I wanted to keep an eye on you.
March’s eyes gleamed. “But doesn’t that mean that I could become another Immortal?”     
Octaboona’s eyes flashed. “No March. No more Immortal. I lost my brother and sister because of my arrogance in forcing them to join up. And Skyril died because of them also.  I won’t have any more lives on my conscience.”
March pouted and pointed at Pyro. “You let him become an Immortal. This is so not fair.”
“I know that Pyro is capable of this. At least I hope so. And I cannot go up against the Banished on my own. I need a second. And no others.” He fell silent. “No more lives” he muttered again to himself.
Necros spoke up. “But I thought that Elocin and Kenspeckle died from remnant attacks.”
Octaboona looked up blankly. “The Banished control the Remnants. I created them but they have control now.”
Pyro looked up. “You created the... what? How?”
“They were a side result of my failed Passage. The Banished sabotaged it. That’s why I threw them out.” “But I should have expected them to act against me. I should have known”
He slumped. “I’ve told you enough. Leave me.”
As the three of them left the room they could hear the soft mutter. “No more lives.”


The Banished were gathered together for an emergency meeting. Octaboona had managed to reveal to others the their origins. The Nightmare Child was seething with barely controlled anger. “Nyx Dawn has failed us. She will be terminated.” The others glanced round at Her. “Agreed.”
“I should never have trusted her. I will deal with Octaboona myself” 


Nyx Dawn was currently staking out a cottage that belonged to Octaboona. She had discovered the history of March Pathway and had tailed her to the cottage. She knew she mustn’t disappoint her masters again. She sighed and watched as three people exited the cottage. And then the tiny bomb that had been implanted into her stomach exploded, leaving a fine rain of blood and shards of bone to splatter against the cottage walls and three suddenly disturbed people who ran back into the cottage.
Octaboona stared at the messy remains of Nyx Dawn. Her jewelled dagger lay fallen on the ground. “Another life gone” he murmured sadly. “The Banished must be onto us.”


Octaboona watched as a lone figure arrived at his cottage door. “Kallista!” he smiled warmly. “I need you to do me a huge favour”
Kallista cocked her head.
“Will it be fun?”
“Oh immensely”
“What do I need to do?”
Octaboona’s face turned serious.
“Sneak me into Elysium Asylum under Israel’s nose in order so I can talk to Quinnera Elviana”
“Are you kidding me?”
“I have faith in your talents”
“And I have faith in you. Israel hates you, you realise that? And he may have good reason”
“That’s what makes me interesting, trust me”
“I do”


Israel Elysium muttered under his breath and went to check on Quinn. She had been living at the Asylum almost since birth and was its best kept secret. She had been two when she had first arrived on that windy day eight years ago. Her parents died in a car crash and Israel had taken her in. She was the closest thing he had to a daughter. She had even escaped all the tests that Ambrosius had performed on his guests. As evil as Ambrosius was his tests had seemed to have no lasting damage and for that Israel was grateful. He knew that Octaboona would learn about her eventually and there was no way in hell that he would let him lay his hands on her.

Quinn looked up at him with those adorable eyes and implored Israel for a lollipop. Israel smiled at her and passed her a strawberry one. Her favourite. Quinn grinned and wondered how long it would be until Octaboona arrived. She had a surprise for him.

Meanwhile Kallista and Octaboona were watching the outside of Elysium Asylum. Kallista had already given Octaboona directions to Quinn’s room and was giggling as she told him of her plan to distract Israel. Octaboona sagged as the words entered his brain and he comprehended what she was about to do. “If you must” he grumbled.
“But it’ll be fun!” Kallista beamed.
Octaboona sighed unhappily.

Israel looked bewildered as he stared at the peculiar sight that greeted his eyes. Two giant bunny rabbits were knocking at the door. He rubbed his eyes and wondered if his vision was playing up but no. He opened the door and was immediately engulfed by a babble of chatter. “We’re going to a giant bunny costume parade in Dublin and we would just LOVE it if you would come with us!” Kallista chattered.
“Kal what on earth? Why?”
“For fun” she insisted, holding out a costume and mask for Israel.
He sighed and pointed at the other bunny, face hidden behind a mask.
“Who’s that?”  
“It’s the pink rabbit of course!”
“The pink rabbit isn’t real Kal.”
“Of course he is. Just like Santa and the tooth fairy!”
“Umm... they’re not real either”
“Of course they are! Quinn believes in them too!”
“Quinn’s 10”
“But still. Come on, we’ll be late!”
“Israel stumbled confused out of the door”
“Isn’t he coming with us?”
“No he’s here to amuse Quinn. You know how bored she’s been”
“Is he safe?”
“He’s a giant pink rabbit, of course he’s safe!”
“Well I suppose”
“Plus Quinn can look after herself. Trust me”
Israel mumbled.
“Come on! We’re late! We’re late! For a very important date!”
And thus skipping and singing, Kallista dragged Israel out to the bunny parade.

Quinn was rolling on the floor, crying tears of hysterical laughter as Octaboona entered the room. “You are funny” she pointed at the giant pink rabbit who glared at her crossly. “I watched it all on CCTV” He pulled of the mask and frowned.
“Cheer up. You’re an adorable bunny!”
“Yes? Can I call you Octa? I can?”
She smiled.
“I like you Octa. You make me laugh”
She turned her big adorable eyes on him.
“Do you have any lollipops? Pwease?”
 Octa handed her a strawberry lollipop.
“Oooh my favourite!”
She started sucking happily on the lollipop.
“I came here to ask you a question”
“I know”
“Well will you answer me?”
“Hmm.... it depends”
“On what?”
“On whether you can hop around the room of course.”
“Do I really have to?”
“Well of course! You’re a bunny! Hop! Pwease?”
Octaboona sighed and started hopping around the room.
“I’m never relying on Kallista for another favour ever again.”
Quinn smiled.
And then before Octaboona could ask his question she whispered conspiratorially:
“Skyril Oblivion is still alive!”